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DISTRIBUTION is a critical component in success of any brand in Pharmaceutical, Consumer & Other Sectors. Micropark Group is one of Central India’s leading business groups with multiple businesses spanning across the Logistics space. It is one of the pioneer operators in the field of DISTRIBUTION through its various affiliates.

The Micropark Group presently has distribution facilities in the cities of Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Lucknow & Delhi NCR. The group is providing Distribution services to 20 companies of high repute in Pharmaceutical & Consumer sectors.

The Group is catering to following channels: Wholesalers / Stockiest. #Retailers.

Services to Wholesale Channel: Micropark group is working as Super Distributors /Regional Distributors for companies like Nokia Phones, Orchid Chemicals, V.John Cosmetics, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals etc. The group is catering to the demands of Wholesalers /Stockiest of these companies.

Micropark Group has necessary warehousing facility well equipped with Computer hardware, IT & latest communication facilities. The facility is provided with skilled manpower to handle the business in smooth & most efficient way.

Services to Retail Channel: Micropark group is working as Distributors /Stockiest for companies like Blackberry Mobiles, Philips Mobile, Huawei Data Cards, Peter England shirts etc. The group affiliates working as Distributor /Stockiest and is catering to the demands of retail sector for these companies.

Micropark has appointed dedicated Sales team for each company /brand. Each sales team consists of Sales Manager handling a team of Sales Supervisors and Sales Representatives.

The teams are well acquainted with their respective markets & are in constant touch with customers for timely replenishment of stocks ensuring availability and proper merchandising of the brands. To ensure proper coverage of the markets standard sales management tools, like Permanent Journey Plan, Daily Visit Reports, Outlet Take-off Reports, are used by each Sales Team.

The Distribution / Stockiest operations are backed by adequate warehousing facility well equipped with computerized operations and manned by efficient staff. The group affiliates maintain a fleet of delivery vans for proper and faster Deliveries of customer orders.

Market Penetration
Market Penetration is the sole of Distribution Business. Companies use market penetration as a key factor in implementing their growth strategy & most of their marketing activity revolves around penetration. The Distributor’s set up plays a very important role in achieving good Market penetration for any product, brand or company.At Micropark meticulous planning & implementation goes in to achieve maximum market penetration. The distribution set up at Micropark consists of trained manpower backed by strong planning, processes and infrastructure.
Highlights of Microparks distribution set up:
Coverage: More than 1500 retailers & 200 Distributors/ stockiest are covered in Nagpur & Vidarbha region.
Manpower: Well-trained and motivated Sales team comprising of 2 Sales managers, 2 Sales Supervisor, managing a team of 15 Sales Representatives covering every nook & corner of the market.
Sales Management tools: Effective implementation of sales planning & monitoring tools for ensuring effective Market coverage & Product availability. This comprises of Permanent Journey Plan, Standard Route plans, Visit reports & Outlet Take-off report.
Market Coverage: Regular market coverage cycles ensuring reach to every retailer are planned. The sales team reaches every retailer twice / thrice in a week depending upon the planned routes for different Companies & product lines. The sales team also ensures proper merchandising activities as per the Marketing Plan/ Campaigns for various products.
Infrastructure: 2 Retailing/ Delivery Vans ,Computerized billing, SMS Service to keep the retailers/ stokiest informed about latest schemes and offers.
Market Feedback: Regular surveys are conducted for different products , which ensures regular feedback to the companies.These feedbacks have provided the companies in improvising and making effective marketing plans.
Recognition: Timely & Suitable Incentive & recognition policies ensure a motivated sales team.

Events and Promotions
We regularly keep doing various activities to boost the sales of the Brand. We organize various Events and Promotional Activities, some are mentioned below:-
Effecive Implementation of Scheme/ Offer Announced by the company.
Display of POP Material, Banners, Posters, etc. at Retail Outlets

– Arranging Delear Meets

Recreational Activities with Delears like Picnics and Cricket matches.

– We have excellent Relations with Local News Papers and Media. This helps us in better coverage about the brand in the media.

Awards Achievements

Micropark Logistics has started it’s operations very recently in 2004 with a small Investment and very Basic Infrastructure.

The young and dynamic enterprenuers with their clear vision and dedicated efforts have brought Micropark to a satisfactory level within short span.

Some of the Key achievements are given below:

– Started C & F business with one company and today we have various clients at multiple locations which includes names like Indoco Remedies, Zandu Pharma, Biological Evons etc.

– Nagpur being geographical center of India has emence potential to become a logistics hub. We are promoting this concept at various forums. We have got an early break throuh when AIOCD Ltd. has started al india operations for sandoz from nagpur with us. Click here to learn more about Nagpur as a central Hub

– We have built up a massive warehouse of 1.10 lac sq. ft. with the state of the art facilities. (click here to have a Tour of our Warehouse )

– Started Distribution Business with Birla Invertors and we have grown this business manifold and we have clients like Nokia, Allembic, Orchid etc.

– The dynamic team of Micropark took a very bold decision of entering into Automobile Dealership Business. We started Dealership of Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles under the brand name of Unnati Motors. Today we can boast of Building central indias biggest automobile showrrom with 3s Facilities at nagpur.

– In the year 2008 we took another bold step by entering into Retail Business. we have tied up with Addon Retail Pvt. Ltd. which is running 11 showrooms across Maharashtra.

– The sales of the company are growing at the rate of 55% per anum. The revenue from services is growing by more than 100% annually.

Please refer our client list.

Awards: Our dedicated efforts and hardwork has been acknowledged time to time by our principles as well as our customers.

Such awards furthers augment our spirit of hardwork and motivates our team to achieve the objectives of the Group.

Clients List
Blackberry Mobile.
Philips Mobile.
Huawei Data Card.

Contact Us
  • Micropark Logistics (Mobile Division), 39/40, c/o Unnati Motors, Shastri Nagar Square, Inox Road, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur – 440008.
  • Phone No: 0712-2773310
  • Email: mobile@microparkindia.com


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